The "Zarenresidenz"

The house “Zarenresidenz” owes its name to the largest country on earth in terms of area. Russia is a multi-ethnic state. Besides the Russians, which hold the majority of 79.8%, nearly 100 other nations can be found within the borders of the country. Major minorities are the Tatars (4%), the Ukrainians (2.2%), the Armenians (1.9%), the Chuvashs (1.5%), the Bashkirs (1.4%), and the Germans (0.8%). Smaller minority groups are the Meshketians and small Jewish groups. Most of them speak languages with a Uralic, Altaic or Palaeosiberian background (
35 people can stay at the “Zarenresidenz” – a perfect house for groups.
It features:
2 twin rooms
1 triple
7 four-bed rooms

Each room has its private bath with shower. The house features a shared lounge area with TV. Internet terminals, WLAN access and phone facilities are available in our main building, only a short walk from the “Zarenresidenz”.