Euroville: Theme houses

Theme houses

Our theme houses are named after 5 different European regions: “British House”, “Alpenhütte”, “Casa del Sol”, “Finnenhütte” or “Zarenresidenz”.

They are ideal housing facilities for groups which not only want to be active and explore the beautiful city Naumburg but also do not want to leave out cosy get-togethers as well. Therefore, our guests are excited by the diversity of our five theme houses, which provide 50 twin and four-bed rooms. All of the rooms feature private baths equipped with showers. Each house also has a shared lounge area with TV. Internet terminals, WLAN access and phone facilities are available in our main building – only a short walk away from our theme houses.


The “Alpenhütte” offers space for 36 people and is the optimal housing facility for your trip to Saxony-Anhalt.

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British House

Our British House was named after the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The house provides space for 36 people. Each room features a private bath with a shower as well as a shared lounge area with TV.

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Casa del Sol

Our house Casa del Sol offers space for 35 people and if the right choice for your unforgettable class trip in Germany.

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Our house “Finnenhütte” offers space for 34 people. Due to its set-up it is the ideal house for larger groups.

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Our house “Zarenresidenz” features 2 twin rooms, 1 triple and 7 four-bed rooms – a perfect house for groups in Naumburg