The "Alpenhütte"

Our “Alpenhütte” is named after the largest European mountain range that is stretched in a 1.200 km long and 250 wide curve from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pannonian Basin. In the early Middle Ages the Alps have been the language and cultural border between the Germanic in the north and the Romanic language groups in the south and west, including the south Slavic Slovenes at the east border of the Alps. Nowadays, less and less of the former diversity of languages which were formed in the small valleys are spoken.

The “Alpenhütte” offers space for 36 people and is an optimal housing opportunity for your trip to Saxony-Anhalt.

The “Alpenhütte” features
2 twin rooms
8 four-bed rooms

Each room offers a private bath with shower. TV is available in the shared lounge area. Internet terminals, WLAN access and phone facilities are available in our main building, only a short walk from the “Alpenhütte”.